Agnes Agi, frame maker

Cécile Fuchs

Craft meets art 

Through the work of her father, László Horváth - an artist, frame maker and graduate engineer in wood technology - Agnes learned at a young age what art is, what it means to be an artist and what it takes to produce valuable art. László Horváth, who also brought a great deal of experience in the crafts as an upholsterer and carpenter, made friends with artists from all over Hungary. From 1985 he and his wife ran the Horváth & Lukács Gallery. Through the gallery, Horváth acted as a patron of the arts. This influence had a lasting impact on Agi. 

However, she did not become an artist in the classical sense of the word. Nevertheless, she is a virtuoso in dealing with frames and has long since created her own designs, which give the artworks enough space but also stand in their own right. A small work of art on a work of art. 

With, Agnes has found a platform where she can manage her and her father's collection, present her frames and support artists in her circle.