White Canvas #17 Maeva

Maeva Lhopez

Why I paint?

I paint in order to encounter myself. In the deep layers where mysteries, secrets and hidden treasures live, buried in the darkness of the "yet to be discovered".

When I quite my 9-5 job, I was quickly confronted with the disturbing fact that I didn't know who I am. Creation and art opened the door for me to meet myself. My practice started with one short drawing a day, a kind of art meditation if you like. With every drawing, every little piece, I was getting closer to myself, hearing the words and messages that awaited me on that day. It felt like I had finally found a way to access a true reflection of myself.

Mirrors are great reflectors, however their reflection lacks the aliveness of the conversation. How can we truly see ourselves in a world where we are only seen through others? 

When I asked myself this question, it became crystal clear that I paint mirrors. Catching the emotions and energy of a cycle, translating the invisible, untangible onto material. I travel through the timelines of the past, the present and the future.

Mirrors and self-reflections is also what I offer to whom gazes at my artwork. If you look deep into these mirrors, you too can catch a glimpse of yourself.