Art and culture in the media #2

Martina Kral

The flood of new publications and premieres of books, podcasts, films, documentaries and exhibitions is growing constantly. We boldly reach out into the big colourful pot and regularly give 5 tips. Across the board. 

Artists in a documentary drama:

Gauguin went to Tahiti. And Vogeler went to Worpswede... to the artists' colony on the Teufelsmoor. There, the dreamy romantic and«darling of the middle classes» wanted to make a work of art out of his life. In the film memorial Heinrich Vogeler – Aus dem Leben eines Träumers (Start DE: 12.5.22), the painter, architect and illustrator, who was influential for Worpswede, takes the centre stage. Around 1900, this place became an important meeting place for numerous artists. But then the sensitive artist left for the First World War and discovers the idea of «a new man and artist»…

And the tip for our blog topic “Places of longing - the history of artists colonies


AI for the first:

From the calculating machine to the intelligent computer systems of our time, from visions of the future and areas of application of artificial intelligence to the first «machine collectively controlled by humans in the Paternoster Hall ... guided by visitors both on site and via the APP COLLECTIVE HUMAN MACHINE from outside the exhibition», the exhibition AI.Robotics.Design in the Pinakothek der Moderne will take visitors into the depths of AI & Co until 18.9.2022. Sami Haddadin, one of the world's leading researchers in these fields, is behind the exhibition.

Exhibition with app: AI.Robotik.Design at the Pinakothek der Moderne Munich, until 18.9.2022. 

Our tip: the blog post on AI and art on art24.


AI for the second:

For those who want to delve even more specifically into art, culture and AI, the paperback booklet «Die Kunst der Zukunft. Über den Traum von der kreativen Maschine» by Hanno Rauterberg is recommended. The art historian and journalist has been dealing with this topic for a long time and sheds light on it from many sides. Fascinating and thought-provoking at the same time.

Rauterberg, Hanno. (2021). Die Kunst der Zukunft. Über den Traum von der kreativen Maschine.  Berlin: edition suhrkamp.


Animalistic, creatiurely:

Animals in art are fascinating. Exhibitions about them too. The mumok collection in Vienna brings a breath of fresh air to this theme. In its search for clues to «The animal within – Creatures in (and outside) the mumok Collection» (from 13.5.), unusual exhibits provide insight into animalistic-creaturely worlds. Although the focus is on pets, zoo animals, farm animals and stuffed animals, the show also encourages reflection on affection, hunger, family and gender relations, as well as on domestication and freedom or the after-effects of colonial history.

Exhibition to «The animal within – Creatures in (and outside) the mumok Collection» (Vienna).


The freedom of art:

Wild, impetuous, expressive, and large-scaled, post-World War II painting sought new paths in the USA as well as in Western Europe. Everything was possible in the expression of personal freedom within abstract expressionism and informal art, as well as in the creative exchange between the Old and New Worlds. With more than 100 works by over 50 artists, this important publication facilitates the introduction to art after 1945 and accompanies the exhibition «The Form of Freedom. International Abstraction after 1945» at Berlin's Museum Barberini (from 4.6. / catalogue from 8.6.).