Art and Culture in the Media #17

Martina Kral

The art scene around pictures, artists and art collectors remains fascinating - and we continue to boldly reach into the big, colourful pot, discover stories and give recommendations on striking, unusual exhibitions, podcasts, books, films, events and much more.

THE PHOTO SPECTACLE BY JEFF WALL -  currently on show at the Fondation Beyeler - will drive up visitor numbers to record levels: never before have so many giant-format photographs (including a number of unknown ones) and, above all, the oversized slide light boxes with which Wall established the medium in the 1970s been on display in Switzerland. At the time, people spoke of megalomania - today, they speak of «staged photography» of spectacularly arranged everyday scenes. 

ARTSPOTTING ZURICH? Founded by the two art historians Karin Frei Rappenecker and Bettina Meier-Bickel, this innovative art game app aims to get (not only) young people interested in analogue art in the city of Zurich. Accompanied by the animated pigeon Panksy, the approximately 2-hour tour through the city centre (starting from Sihlpost) reveals many unknown facts about six works of art. Panksy, who is quite critical, sharpens perception and opinion.

HIP-HOP – IS MORE THAN MUSIC... The Schirn in Frankfurt proves this under the title «The Culture» (until 26 May). Hip-hop emerged in the 1970s in the New York Bronx as a cultural movement among black and Latin American youths, expressed in MC-ing, graffiti and breakdancing. Today, hip-hop is a global phenomenon that innovatively drives music, fashion, technology, art and influences contemporary issues such as identity, racism and empowerment. 

GLITCH BOOK – Glitch what? Anyone who missed the exhibition on the art of disruptive phenomena in Munich will want to pick up the first comprehensive book on the phenomenon «Glitch. The Art of Disruption» by Franziska Kunze and Katrina Bauer. 191 colour and black-and-white illustrations reflect the potential of glitches in art, media and society and explain the history of unpredictable glitch principles in unusual «beautiful glitch stories». 

«LECKER KUNST» PODCAST: the more than 60 episodes that have already been released tantalise the ears with all kinds of art snacks about modern art, famous and lesser-known artists and street art. Behind it all are Michael Nolte and Florian Wessels, who create «audio images in your head» in an easy-to-understand way. Whether you are an art buff, connoisseur or simply interested - the wide range of topics offers tasty treats that are published twice a month.