Art 4 Charity by art24

Cécile Fuchs

1 auction, 9 artists, 9 rams, 9 charities 

9 established and emerging artists from the art24 community have been selected by an art commission and will work on and paint 9 ram figures in a pop-up studio at the Eiszentrum Luzern in Lucerne, Switzerland, on 30 June 2022. Each artist will stand behind a charitable organisation, to which all the proceeds of the subsequent online auction will go. The auction will start on 1 July 2022. 

The participating artists are:

Hanna Mare

Viktoria Koestler

Merges Visible

Verena Kandler

Guido Parpan

Judit Flamich

Helen Eggenschwiler

Margot Ressel

Jean Ravel

and our special guest Maria Fernanda Schulz


The beneficiary organisations are:

Turtle Magazine

Zero Waste Bluepingu

Kunstwerk Carlshütte

Jamfactory artist in war

Stockmann Fonds

ALS Stiftung

art for children

Kinderkrebshilfe Tirol

Gassenarbeit Luzern

Atelier Lüthi

Hospiz Stuttgart


Join the bidding and support the chosen institutions!