White Canvas #16 Maeva

Maeva Lhopez

My name is Maeva and at the beginning of 2023 I declared "I am an artist". This is my story:

At the end of 2021, I took part in a course by William Whitecloud called “Create Your Destiny”. During the meditation called “Land Of Plenty”, something was revealed to me that I could never have imagined. In my mind's eye, I was wearing a long dress, holding a glass of champagne and presenting my pictures in my own gallery.

I was in despair, the last time I had painted was in my childhood. During that time, I spent most of my holidays painting with my grandfather Gilbert. He was a talented artist, storyteller and creator. Together, we painted on canvas, glass, silk and anything that he found interesting. Although I was always looking forward to my next holiday with him, I also believed I could never paint something of my own. So I copied and followed instructions. Gradually, over the years, I stopped painting.

In the few weeks that followed William's course, I experienced new feelings and sensations. I travelled to Sardinia, Italy, also my second home since I am a child. There, I started to sense images from my family and closest friends. I drew them and discovered they each came with a special gift, something they had been hidding or were not necessarily aware of - I only understood this part later on. In their eyes, I could see how touched they were, and this sparked my desire to continue my creative exploration journey. 

At the beginning of 2023, my main intention for the year was to organise my first exhibition. Nine months later, I had created my first collection, “The Awakening of The Goddess” and was high on life installing for the first time in Ericeira, Portugal. 

One day, I will exhibit in my own gallery and until then I will keep walking the steps towards this dream of mine. Because dreams are made to come true, and so are yours.