23.12.2023: The Heart of St Pauli


You can feel the beat and the nightlife. Find the heart of St Pauli. Where is it hidden?

I go to the Kiez, feel the sound, see the lights.

They stay in my head and have to be put on the screen later.

You can find the heart of St Pauli on closer inspection. 

Corinna Schumann is new to art24 and the art team was enthusiastic about her work. An unmistakable style, lovely motifs and insights into her life prompted a shock infatuation. 

But now she surprises again. A work from the Kiez? Different colours, a different style! As fascinating as her versatility is, as impressive is this work about a walk through the heart of St Pauli. We can't wait to see what else Corinna surprises us with in the future. But one thing is certain, she knows her way and will hopefully share it with us. We can't get enough of her fabulous works. Anyone who would also like to be surprised and whisked away is cordially invited to have a look at Corinna's works here. And maybe you can also find a Christmas present here?



Yay! We have the winner of the day! K.W. will receive an art24 Tote Bag with a work by art24 artist Ignaz Epper