Yvonne Roos

Yvonne Roos

Yvonne Roos, our art historian / Germanist-in-training and creator of the in-house blog articles, tells us what made her decide to study art history, what it has to do with us today and with art24.

Why did I choose art as a profession? Well, I don't really know. The seeds of interest were probably planted early on, but rather unconsciously. For example, through my mother's art that surrounded our home, but also through visits to prehistoric sites in my second home country, Ireland. Thus, there was also less fear of contact with culture, art and the artistic expression. This allowed me to take an interest in related questions, in the underlying, even though I had a professional detour in between, before I started studying Art History and German Philology.

Thanks to these early positive experiences and imprints, I can say today that there is nothing more beautiful and exciting for me. Art challenges our senses and our thoughts, lets us explore the self, our surroundings and our relationship to them. Art can touch and unsettle, animate or overwhelm us in many ways. But above all, art requires open-mindedness and an understanding of our past.

Studying art history allows me to constantly challenge my mind and renegotiate boundaries. Sharing these experiences, always with the knowledge of art history in mind, i.e. including the "where-we-came-from" and transferring and conveying it to the present, but also questioning it, interests me. To show other people possibilities, maybe even to take away fears of contact, to bring people into contact with each other and to get them interested in each other, that's what I like about art24. The platform makes use of the positive and exciting possibilities offered by social networks and modern media and creates visibility. I hope new and creative ideas will constantly emerge from this.

For me, art is also a constant approach to the unspeakable. Nevertheless, I try to build bridges by using language, to encourage exchange and to connect with other thoughts. Connection is a basic human need that also expresses itself in many different ways. So it becomes clear that art creates understanding for each other and for our respective past(s). To open up to this, influences our interaction with each other. The goal of art24 is to facilitate communication between artists and art lovers, so that everyone who wants to can explore art.

Here at art24 I'm constantly learning and at the same time I can develop new ideas and thoughts. In my blogs you can learn what keeps me busy and what topics are currently relevant. Of course, I also hope to learn about different and new perspectives through your thoughts. Using the digital space to experience art can be so exciting and expand our perceptual possibilities. Because I think we all have creative potential within us that is worth exploring. Whether as an artist or a person interested in art.